Shetaltem Nigunim

"Shetaltem Nigunim" is a human venture fund that facilitates meaningful interaction through volunteering
with youth in various settings.

Shetaltem Nigunim Bi Imi ve Avi
You Have Sowed a Song in Me, Mother and Father
(Pnina Bergshtein)

Shetaltem Nigunim is a non-profit association founded by a group of people who simply love to sing together.

At the gathering of our twenty-year celebration, we realized that the power of our friendship could be harnessed for the betterment of society.
The values upon which we were raised, and by which we live our lives, are expressed in many of the songs we sing – love of the land, love of humanity, and love of Hebrew poetry in song. The sense of belonging to a group with common values is empowering. We made a commitment to magnify this power through volunteering and action. 

Together, we channel our energy for good.

Our Activities

Shetaltem Nigunim initially focused its activities in youth villages – boarding schools for middle school and high school students. Some youth villages are tailored for immigrant youth, primarily from the former Soviet Union, from Ethiopia and from LATAM. Others are geared for “youth at risk,” while still others are designed as elite schools for gifted students.

Youth in the villages are generally separated from their parents, so Shetaltem Nigunim arranged its activities to create continuous, informal meetings between young people and volunteers, who can serve as significant adult figures in their lives.

Over time, we began to hold activities in different venues such as community centers and other educational institutions, and we expanded our outreach to the elderly. We encourage and support the next generation, our children, in creating and operating volunteer activities of their own.

Walking across our Country

Monthly meetings intended for ‘NAALE’ youth – young people from abroad who reside in Israel without their parents – the aim of which is to introduce them to the landscapes, the culture, and the people of Israel, and to afford them with enjoyable and positive experiences during their free weekends.

Smart Financial Conduct

A program, in conjunction with Israeli banks, which aims to provide the young people with basic foundations in responsible financial management, enabling them to embark on an independent life.

"Coming from Love"

Sessions for girls residing in youth villages, whose aim is to raise feminist awareness among teenage girls during this critical time in their maturing identity. Through dialogue, nurturing relationships and meaningful interactions are cultivated between the adult volunteers and the teenagers.
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We are a Human Venture Fund

Shetaltem Nigunim is a human venture fund, a cohesive community of people who devote time to work with youth. It enables each person to find a meaningful volunteer opportunity within a variety of frameworks, and at a time and frequency suited to the individual.

Our volunteers are ordinary people – teachers, lawyers, accountants, and career military; farmers, therapists, and techies; artists, carpenters, and metalworkers. 

We are spread throughout the country, from north to south, and range in age from retirees to gap year students, to parents of toddlers, to people in mid- career.

We understand that the volunteer experience is empowering, and most important, advances Israeli society to a better place. We identify a variety of volunteer opportunities, and our volunteers bring their talents, skills, knowledge, and experience to the activities they choose. 

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V'shuv Netze'a El Haderech

And We Will Set Out Once Again

(Shimrit Or)

We chose education as our focus, understanding that this is one of the most important growth engines for society in Israel.

We are certain that each of us has the desire and the ability to participate and contribute to the national mission of youth education in Israel. Thus, everyone who can, should take part.

We hold the image of the youth in Israel before our eyes and are convinced that it is a worthy purpose for investment. Everyone can contribute in his/her own way.

Beyond the activities already instituted by Shetaltem Nigunim, we encourage our volunteers to initiate new activities, in other areas of interest, and to encourage others to join as volunteers, through the proven method of “friends bringing friends.”


We need your help

Ki Tipah, Od Tipah, Od Tipah, Od Tipah, Teheyenah LaYam

Drop by drop by drop, by drop, and we will become the sea.

(Arik Einstein)
  •  As a nonprofit, we rely on donations to fund our activities  . 
    100% of your donation will go towards our activities with youth.


Means for donating:

  • Credit Card
  • Cheque – mail to: Shetaltem Nigunim, Arlozorov st. 25 Afula, 1828010
  • Bank Transfer – Account number 565001, Branch 474, Bank Mizrahi Tefahot
  • A receipt for your donation will be issued immediately  

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Love of Mankind

Shetaltem Nigunim is a social initiative to develop a human venture fund of volunteers.

Love of The Land

We are spread throughout the country, from north to south.
We love the landscape, the people and the culture of this land and aspire to pass on this love of our homeland to young people.

Educational initiatives

Our primary focus is education, as this is one of the most important growth engines for society in Israel.
We are convinced that each one of us has the ability and the desire to play a part in the national mission of educating the youth in Israel.

Hebrew Songs

Shetaltem Nigunim Bi, Imi V’avi

(You have sowed a song in me, mother and father)

We are a group of friends who were raised on Hebrew folk songs and love singing together. We have chosen to pass on our love of Hebrew songs to others.